Disputed Shipments

It is a common occurrence for importers to not claim their imports

The most common reason for cancelling a shipment order is when a supplier doesn’t honor their commitment and fails to deliver the goods on the agreed date. Cancelling a purchase is usually disappointing the supplier because of following reason

  • Freight Charges
  • Demurrages Charges
  • Detention Charges
  • Port Charges
  • If Refrigerator Container Plugging Charges
  • Re-Export Charges
  • Re-Export Processing time More than 5 Months after clearing the dues
  • Higher chances of consignments wastage

We are one of the recognized Trading Company in Pakistan interested to buy these shipments after following practices.

  • Consignment Audit
  • If found upto the mark contact with supplies
  • Make a Deal with supplier
  • If Deal Done
  • Change the Consignee from Shipping Company & Customs after getting supplier permission and fulfill all the required requirements.
  • Paid all the duties and charges
  • Cleared it from Customs as Company Product.